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Psychic Soul Body Wellness



Soul Body Wellness Sessions work from the knowledge that you are a spiritual being having a human experience. You are gifted with a perfect miraculous physical body, an entirely conscious body, and a powerful resource to know when you are not following your path.

You came into this dimension to learn and grow, receiving constant guidance, support, and communication from loving energies, including your Higher Self, as you continue your journey.

Nevertheless, living on Earth and in society causes you to forget who you really are and why you chose this physical existence. Also, part of the problem is that most of us are taught to forget that we are not our physical bodies. We surrender our spiritual self to the physical and see ourselves as victims rather than the powerful, creative beings we are.

The truth is that your Higher Self and your body constantly speak to you to help you stay on your path, a pathway we created before we incarnated into this lifetime. Anything we experience physically is a sign, a firm warning, that we are not listening to our spirit and soul. If we stray from the lessons that we set out to learn, our support spiritual and physical support systems will inform us in the most potent ways: discomfort, pain, illness, and disease. Every ache, every pain, and every physical symptom is our body delivering a message of importance to you in its own unique language.


​In your Psychic Soul Body Wellness Session, we will discuss these points in more detail and focus on your physical body and any ailments or discomfort you are experiencing at this time. We will walk through remarkable events in your life and your decisions and seek to understand and listen to your body for support and guidance. During this time, I will also be accessing my intuitive abilties to provide you with deeper clarity and guidance.

Reasons for Having a Session

Desire to Heal: You are suffering from chronic pain, illness, or dis-ease, and you’re ready to let it go.

Physical Awareness: You understand that your body is an extension of your consciousness and that it can physically manifest your emotional issues.

Limited Time: Instead of having a full QHHT® Session, you would prefer to focus only on your mental, physical, and spiritual wellness with a shorter time commitment.

Emotional Awareness: You understand that by monitoring your emotional states, you can prevent discomforting or debilitating physical symptoms in your body.

Remote Access: While QHHT® Sessions must be conducted in person, Soul Body Wellness Sessions can be practiced virtually or over the phone.

Prevention: By learning this method, you will know how to listen to your body and prevent illness and disease before they happen or increase in severity.

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