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By scheduling a session with me, Jason Tempinski, you have acknowledged and already agreed to the terms and conditions, terms of use, and privacy statements included on this website and for services rendered. You can revisit those anytime through the links provided at the footer of my Site.

This page serves to further acknowledge and expand upon your legal and ethical rights as a client and those to which I am bound and adhere to as complementary and alternative health and wellness practitioner in the US and the State of Colorado.


By booking services with me, you also acknowledge and understand the services I provide are designed to supplement and not replace those offered through licensure in those areas recognized and established as professional mental and medical health services in Western or Westernized legal jurisdictions and societies.

As such, the ultimate guidance and healing you receive through using my services are the result of my training and services as QHHT® Practitioner & Soul Body Wellness Counselor, intuitive, personal, and shared spiritual experiences, practices, and primarily those granted through your work commitment to self-healing, spiritual growth, and conscious expansion, and those revealed through your Higher Self, spiritual team, and the Source.


Therefore, you recognize I am only a messenger and your guide, servant, and coach on your spiritual journey and thereby willingly release me from any liabilities associated with any present or future effects, whether in the financial, social, professional, physical, medical, or mental health domains, which may result from the choices and responsibilities you take, whether yourself or for others, during or after accessing my services.


Certified QHHT® Practitioners and supplementary or alternative health and wellness professionals shall assist in maintaining the integrity and competence of the Hypnosis/Hypnotherapy and Alternative Health professions by agreeing to abide by the following code of professional ethics.

As a QHHT® and an alternative health and wellness practitioner, I will ensure that:

  1. I will always conduct sessions in a professional manner within a professional or mutually agreed upon setting between the practitioner and client.

  2. I will obey all federal, state, and local laws and regulations concerning the practice of hypnosis and/or hypnotherapy and alternative health and wellness.

  3. All matters between the client and I shall be confidential.  No third party shall have access to information provided by the client.  ​​Exceptions:  

    • When the client has granted permission in writing to divulge confidential information;

    • Where the overall welfare and safety of the client or others are jeopardized by withholding such information; or, 

    • By force of law. 

  4. Sexual activity shall not occur between the practitioner and client during the complete course of sessions for a period of at least two (2) years after the professional relationship has ended.

  5. I will engage in continuing education and be informed of innovations in the field of hypnosis, hypnotherapy, and alternative health modalities. 

  6. Before entering the professional relationship, I will inform the client of the nature, purpose, estimated length, and cost of a session.  

  7. If during a session, information is disclosed that lies outside of my boundaries of competence and requires referral or consultation with other professionals, the session shall be terminated immediately, and such referral or consultation shall be made if requested by that client.

  8. If during a session, I have been given reasonable concern for potential unlawful actions on the part of the client or the overall health, safety, and welfare of the client or others, I shall take those steps necessary, including the breach of practitioner/client confidentiality in only those areas of concern, and as mandated by local, state, or federal law. 

  9. If I am working by referral from another professional, I will only perform such services as are specified in the referral and shall terminate the relationship after such services are provided.

  10. I shall terminate the relationship with a client when the client can no longer benefit from continued service and shall not provide service if I do not have a good faith belief that the client will benefit from the services provided.

Psychic Mediumship & Psychic Soul Body Wellness Sessions Disclaimer
Please note that the content in readings/sessions is solely for entertainment purposes and should not be considered a substitute for professional legal, financial, or medical advice.

To receive a psychic mediumship reading, you must be 18 or older. Individuals under 18 require consent from a parent or legal guardian, and I do not offer readings to those under 16.

While readings can provide insight and enjoyment, they are not intended to replace the services or guidance of qualified professionals such as doctors, psychiatrists, counselors, financial advisors, or attorneys.

Remember, you are accountable for the decisions you make in your life. Any choices, consequences, or actions resulting from your reading are your sole responsibility.


Technology Access and Responsibility Agreement

To ensure a smooth online experience, you will receive a confirmation email, a Zoom link, and timely reminders for our scheduled session. 

To guarantee a successful connection to our Zoom meeting, it is essential to have a stable internet connection, updated software, and the necessary hardware. Knowing the steps required to access the meeting room is also crucial. Your active participation in the preparation process is vital. Please be aware that I cannot be held responsible for any issues arising due to insufficient planning and preparation.

Zoom waiting rooms will be open at least 10 minutes before scheduled meetings. All clients are given a 10-minute grace period to join in after the start time for the appointment. If you cannot make it within this timeframe, you will be asked to book a new session, as you would be considered a no-show. Thank you for your attention and cooperation.

By booking a session with me, Jason Tempinski, you thereby acknowledge you understand your rights and responsibilities as well as my own, as outlined above and in accordance with the Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy, and Terms of Use listed on this Site. You further confirm and acknowledge that the readings, services, and counseling I provide are in no way a substitute for professional financial management, legal guidance, medical or mental health treatments, or care. All guidance and healing are provided through my insights and experiences as a psychic medium, QHHT® practitioner, and spiritual counselor, by you, the client, and your Higher Self and spiritual team.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me.

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