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1-on-1  HYPNOSIS


In the days leading up to the session, repeat to yourself, "I connect with my guides and Higher Self," several times. The exact wording is important, even if you don't think you do.


Think of a specific question or two you would like to integrate into your hypnosis. This will shape what you see & experience during our meeting.


If possible, try to limit excessive caffeine intake prior to the session, so you can relax fully.


Drinking alcohol or using recreational drugs before or during the session is strongly discouraged, as it will cloud your ability to open to and connect with your guides and Higher Self.


Please find a quiet space, free of distractions, where you can sit or rest comfortably. This is especially important!


Please do not attend while driving or operating any machinery. (Believe me, it has happened in the past!)


Be sure to have a pen/pencil and something to write on. You will take notes at some points in the session.


Recording and/or distribution of the method, materials, and techniques used in this program are strictly monitored and prohibited by copyright law

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