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QHHT® Hypnosis & You

The first step in having the best QHHT® experience possible lies in knowing everyone, including you, can be hypnotized. Everyone, yes, everyone, can be! 


Consider putting all of your attention into reading these words right now, right here, and at this very moment, you could be unaware of a person, a sound, an object, or something else around you. You are experiencing a form of hypnosis!

Or, think of a time when you were utterly lost in a television show or movie, studying or practicing for an important test, playing a video game, or doing something artistic or creative. And, it is only when something or someone breaks your concentration that your attention expands back to the world around you. It was almost like you "woke up" from what you were doing. Several minutes or hours could have flown by without you even realizing it.


What about times where you were hypnotized by the dancing flames of a campfire, a flickering candle, or the soothing rhythm of the ocean, calming music, or deep massage? 


If you said "Yes," to any of the above or have had an experience like it, you now know that anyone can be easily hypnotized without even thinking about it!

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