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If I am traveling to meet with you, the following information will help you determine and create the best space possible for the hypnosis.


Following these guidelines is crucial for you to fully relax and have the best session possible. The best way to determine if the area is suitable for hypnosis is to ask yourself if you could easily fall asleep. If not, please take the time to make adjustments, or even find a different space, as necessary.

The hypnosis space needs to be:

  • Quiet and free of distractions.

  • One-on-one and private. No one else may be present. No exceptions. 

  • Pet-free.

    • They are welcome to be present during the interview, but pets can act unpredictably with the shift in energies and vibration that occurs during the hypnosis. Being touched in any way and when you are in trance can feel like a bolt of lightning hitting your body.

  • Dimly lit.

    • Bright light interferes with your ability to relax and the hypnosis itself. The room should not be pitch black, but any light from natural or artificial sources should be dimmable.

  • Comfortable with a place to sit or lay down where you could fall asleep, even though that is not our goal, such as a couch, recliner, or bed.​

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