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Dynamics of Healing and the HIGHER SELF: Your Soul Plan, Ego, & Personal Responsibility

Updated: Jan 1, 2023

One of the primary reasons why people are drawn to QHHT® is the opportunity to access healing through the Subconscious (the SC) or the Higher Self, for it can instantaneously alleviate symptoms and discomfort associated with physical ailments, traumas, and disease.

However, healing may not always be possible, and it could be for reasons you may or may not be aware of. The good news is that if you take a moment to look deeper into yourself and how you think, speak, act, behave, and relate to others and your environment, you will discover unhealthy patterns that can hinder or counteract the healing process. Sound overwhelming and complicated? It isn't. Remember, QHHT® is extremely easy and requires an open mind and heart and your willingness to heal. And an essential component of your desire to heal includes your willingness to take responsibility for that healing. Think of it this way. You have a history of not taking care of your car, performing maintenance, and constantly having it in the shop for repairs. Everyone tells you you should have been more mindful of it, and some could be frustrated when you call them to pick you up or take you to work.

At last, the day comes when you trade in your old car and drive off in a new one. You think to yourself, "I'm going to take good care of this car."

Even though you say it, do you mean it? Are you going to change your unhealthy habits? Or are you just waiting until a warning light turns on or mysterious grinding and clinking comes from under the hood? You may be willing to have a new car, but are you ready to take full responsibility for that car?

This is how healing with the Higher Self also works. They heal you, but will you change those factors in your life that may have created illness and discomfort in the first place? Or will you keep living like before until the issues return or something else begins to affect your health?

Let's explore this topic in more detail.

Your Intentions and Identity

There are two primary reasons why healing may not occur. First, it is crucial to understand how your intention for healing must be honest and pure. You must be completely open and willing to receive the healing from the Higher Self and motivated by your authentic desire to do so. For instance, everyone around you may want you to find relief and wellness at last, but you may not.

Man under pressure
Everyone wants you to heal, but do you?

Strange concept? How could you not want to be rid of a disease? Consider the following case loosely based on one of the clients from Dolores Cannon's writings:

Suppose you are the type of person who finds your identity through using illness and discomfort to your advantage. This may already sound eerily familiar to you. Maybe you have a family member, a friend, a coworker, or an acquaintance who constantly complains about physical issues and being sick?

This individual relies upon their poor health as a place of entitlement and power. For example, they may try to control others by instilling negative emotions such as guilt, shame, and fear. They may continually strive to take the "spotlight" away from others' problems and illnesses and see it as some competition to prove who is suffering the most. It could also be that they falsely equate receiving pity and sympathy from family, friends, and doctors with feeling essential and loved.

Therefore, if you were this type and claimed you wanted to heal through a QHHT® session, the Higher Self would say you are not ready. On a deeper level, and even if you were not conscious of it, the Higher Self would know you are more comfortable with the discomfort and disease than you are with being and feeling healthy. In this case, if the Higher Self were to heal you, you would lose all sense of power and yourself. And, in a way, you would cease to exist in the world as you know it, not knowing how to relate to others in your life, nor would they understand how to relate to you.

So, you must pay close attention to how your willingness and commitment to the healing process will determine what the Higher Self thinks is the best for you at this time. They know you better than you may know yourself.

Your Soul's Contract and Chosen Lessons For This Lifetime

On the other hand, you may be fully open to receiving healing and with the best of intentions, but there may still

be some circumstances of which you may not be aware, or speaking more accurately, you do not remember. The Higher Self may not be able to heal you because, unbelievably, you said so...

The truth is that your illness or disease may be part of your soul's contract, which you created and agreed to live out before coming into this lifetime.

Why would you choose suffering over a healthy physical body? Sound crazy? It isn't. If you understand and remember the purpose of this lifetime, you'll know why you are experiencing physical issues. The Higher Self will bring such knowledge to you through QHHT®, which is one of the many benefits of the process. We are all on this planet to learn. And, sometimes, taking the more difficult path of disease and physical impairment is the most rewarding and beneficial to your evolution.

Just think about what lessons are possible by experiencing challenging physical circumstances, trauma, and disease. Those lessons are offered to other incarnated souls who meet you, help you, or judgejudge you for the circumstances out of your control. It could also be that you chose to work out accumulated karma from past lives at a hyper-accelerated pace to "graduate" from this school as quickly as possible.

It is no wonder why the Higher Self commonly explains that the lines of spirits waiting to inhabit bodies with perceived disabilities and disease are the longest on the spirit side. What can be learned and accomplished in living through one of these lifetimes is equivalent to ten so-called "normal" lives.

Perhaps you took on the physical life of someone born deaf, blind, or developing some debilitating disease. The lessons you will learn are significantly greater than if you had signed up for an easier and "normal" life​.​ The interplay of social stigmas, prejudice, discrimination, being perceived as "dis-abled," the possibilities of forming deeper, authentic relationships, love, and the personal triumphs associated with such a life are enormously complex and challenging to navigate. Yet, the spiritual reward is increased tenfold.

In terms of the Higher Self healing you during a QHHT® session, and if your health issues are of your soul's choosing, the Higher Self cannot and will not interfere with your soul's contract and learning plan. That is unless you have fully learned from and have satisfied what you set in motion before your incarnation on Earth.

Toxic Lifestyles, Poor Nutrition, and Dishonoring the Physical Body

So, you might have met the requirements so far, and it could be that you are open to healing, did not fill your jar of marbles too much, and did not choose a high-speed exit plan from the Earth school. Therefore, you are living a "normal" physical lifetime and are eligible for instantaneous healing, but there could be another roadblock in your path.

Suppose you exercise regularly, meditate every so often, and drink your expected daily purified water intake. You follow a strict regimen, sometimes the latest health trend, and ensure everyone knows how much you work for those tight abdominal muscles and firm rear end. Of course, you'll be healed. Right? I mean, how could you not?

Let's pause a moment here and take a short but essential detour...

Remember those childhood days in the past when you did your chores (while gritting your teeth and cursing the world) for an allowance? Or have you ever found something of immense value that does not belong to you but hope that being a good person and doing the right thing will bring something better or fulfilling your way? For example, you might spend weeks trying to find the person who lost a wallet with $5,000 inside, and when you finally connect with them, they graciously give you half of it as a reward.

Aha, there it is. There's the famous word. Reward. Re-ward. The standard modern need for instant gratification motivates us to endure what could be considered unpleasant or put aside. Now, we're getting closer to the reason for this detour.

Isn't it interesting that "reward" backward is "drawer?"

It's as though when we seek a reward for doing something, we put something in the metaphorical drawer for the time being.

The child puts ​the​ hatred of sweeping floors ​and cutting the grass away to earn his allowance. Or the adult shoves his greed and immediate satisfaction into a drawer, hoping that if he resists the urge to buy something with the money he has found, he might find a guilt-free reward.

In society, we are taught that if we want something badly enough and can put aside our short-term suffering, discomfort, or resentment, we will earn what comes to us in the longer term and deserve our place of prestige and recognition. For some, it is more about being portrayed as a hero for a job or well-done deed than what is accomplished for its own sake. Isn't it true that "good things come to those who wait?" And it's even better when we get applause and a trophy for doing it.

Okay, where am I going with this? How does this relate to healing with the Higher Self and QHHT®?

Let's hop off the detour train and rewind to the beginning of this section, where you could be the person who exercises, meditates, eats healthily, and drinks tons of water, all to feel and look healthy.

We're talking about enduring unpleasantness in some form, through the short term with your eyes set on the reward, and seeking notoriety, as being a hero for seeking that reward.

Granted, it could be that you do not find a healthy mind and body lifestyle uncomfortable or a chore. You see the reward in just following this type of path and taking care of yourself physically, mentally, and spiritually. No pain, no gain doesn't apply to you. It's just who you are or have become. Your drawer is empty, and you just let yourself be. You don't need many people telling you how great and important you are—knowing that you are taking care of yourself, and your body is enough. Trophies and getting tweets, likes, and shout-outs on social media don't make sense to you.

You are just living and being you. The best you can be. Period. And, if you are afflicted with some disease or physical trauma that you did not sign up for or expect, the Higher Self will see and know this and assuredly help you.

On the other hand, you could be a firm believer in no pain, no gain. If you could, you would rather sit at home every day, watching television, and occasionally look through the curtains to see that the world is still outside. Bust out the family-sized chips and a couple of liters of soda. Being healthy is always a struggle. It hurts, you hate it, and you wish some pill could take the place of the agonizing process.

Your understanding of a healthy reward looks different from the other person's. For example, you might be the sort who forces yourself to do healthy things, but once a week, you fill your body with harmful foods, sugary, artificial drinks, or toxic chemicals, knowing it is not good for you to do so. But, in your mind, you earned it! You might label these behaviors and habits as guilty pleasures, cheat days, or weekly nights out at a club. You might go through the drive-thru after a stressful day at work or sneak in a brownie or two during a backyard BBQ. You say you'll do an extra 30 minutes of cardio for the next two days to burn it all off. It'll all balance out, so no harm done. Right?

Well, the Higher Self sees it differently. Your body is a temple, a special gift, to live within and experience this lifetime. Therefore, the person who lives with and not against their body, who does not ignore their vices, is what they eat, drink, and take into their body, is whom the Higher Self will heal without question.

However, for the person who is healthy except for Vice X, Y, or Z, the Higher Self will know their intentions are not pure, and they are not fully committed to letting go of harmful rewards even after healing. They are just looking for a quick fix or a pill to improve everything. They may have damaged lungs that their Higher Self could fully restore, but they have no intention of stopping smoking after their QHHT® session. They may be dangerously close to liver cirrhosis, but they have no intention of eliminating alcohol from their diet. We all have the free will to do what we like, but the bodies we have been given are gifts. They are miraculously designed vehicles for us to learn and grow as spiritual beings. So, if you desire for the Higher Self to help you stop a craving or a habit, or if you are suffering from the life-threatening or debilitating consequences of indulging in those vices, they must know you have learned the lesson to love and respect your body. They must know your intentions are real, and you recognize and take responsibility for your body, healing, and wellness.

Like having an authentic, personal, and pure intention and ability to receive healing, you must also acknowledge the damage you may have done through your choices. This also means a commitment to follow through and maintain the guidance, relief, and healing you receive. There have been cases where clients have been healed and transformed after a session, but they did not fully listen to what they needed to do to take care of themselves, and their past ailments resurfaced. They felt confused about why sickness and discomfort came back, but the core issue is they did not fully understand the root cause of why they were experiencing poor health and continued the same path. In other words, they chose not to take responsibility for their healing.

Openness, Awareness, and Love

This article aims not to scare you or make you worry over whether you can receive healing from the Higher Self. You must be open, willing, and take responsibility for your choices, soul path, and understanding we have borrowed the bodies we inhabit in this lifetime. We have free will to do and live as we like. There are no right or wrong choices.

We must love ourselves in all ways and for our own sake. The Higher Self is always there to help us and guide us. And they can and will heal us if we love ourselves and each other as much as the Higher Self does us.


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