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From Spirit and for Those Touched by Suicide

Updated: Sep 18, 2023

After spending a week in Canada and doing QHHT® Sessions for clients, I've been listening to these sessions and writing notes and reflections about these experiences. I always find it remarkable how clients tend to come in waves, meaning patterns and similarities emerge and link them together somehow. This might range from life experiences and traumas to shared physical diseases and chronic conditions, sometimes infrequent medical conditions.

The wave phenomenon not only reveals how spirit teams and Higher Selves work in unison when sending clients to QHHT® Practitioners but tends to reinforce information and messages essential for all of us to hear and learn at a particular time.

One of the themes from my recent clients, and even some before my time in Canada, was how many people's lives have been touched by suicidal ideation, attempts, or the loss of loved ones who ended their lifetime prematurely.

While I refrain from sharing personal information with clients during their sessions, I do feel that, if appropriate, I sometimes offer that my dad, who battled with bipolar disorder for much of his life, left the Earth plane in 2007 through suicide. In some cases, I know how affirming it can be to have someone fully understand and with whom you can connect when sharing and discussing difficult topics. However, as a QHHT® Practitioner, I also know we have a knowledge base of the most shared perspectives from spirit teams and Higher Selves about how to understand the best life challenges, choices, and spiritual implications those decisions may have. And, for those clients who are sometimes aware of Dolores' work and other practitioners, suicide has always seemed to be expressed as a product of our free will but not one we should pursue. While there is no punishment or reward, good or bad, right or wrong, the decision to leave early is often characterized as the "loss of a perfectly good vehicle." Not to mention, the exiting spirit would have to come back and start all over again to learn the same lessons...potentially in a life that would be even more difficult than the first.

My purpose for writing this is found in the prevalence of lives touched by and affected by suicide, the most accepted Higher Self spiritual viewpoint of those who have or choose to leave too early, and the story behind my dad's exit from the Earth plane. The spiritual explanation I received for my dad's suicide does not conform to what has been expressed. This is the primary motivation for sharing this personal account in sessions with clients who have lost a loved one and to show that every person's life experience and free will are unique.

My mom's Higher Self is responsible for sharing a different perspective about suicide in a way that I did not expect. While there was an inner knowing that did align with the revelation, I had also assumed and made peace with the fact that he had incarnated or will incarnate on the Earth plane to finish what he did not complete in this lifetime. Making peace also involved my release of any guilt or regrets I felt over his passing, as is familiar with most "survivors of suicide," but having the opportunity to ask about why it occurred allowed me to fully put closure on what transpired.

What the Higher Self revealed was that in some cases, including my father's, the progression of some lifetimes may lead down specific pathways and timelines that may dramatically impact the direction, lessons, and ultimate life purpose calling of others. In my dad's case, his battle with mental health issues and other unresolved life experiences and traumas had brought him to a point where his trajectory would eventually compromise my life path, purpose, and the very reason I incarnated into this lifetime.

A unanimous decision was made on the other side, with the consent of my father's spirit, that it was necessary for his physical existence to end and for my own.

I was pretty speechless when this was revealed to me in the session with my mom. At first, it was a relief to know why it occurred and that he was not "required" to "start over" with his life path. Then, it turned into a compelling realization and drive to continue with my calling and path in the work I am doing because of receiving this information. While it is difficult to express the full breadth of what being gifted with this knowledge entails, it has been a source of empowerment and a catalyst for me to take personal responsibility for what I am here to do for others and the planet.

So, the message I wish to share for those who have read this far is that even though much knowledge is now accessible to us through our becoming more aware of ourselves as spiritual beings and that we have lessons and a purpose, it is also crucial that we do not solely rely upon the knowledge given to others to understand ourselves and our experiences. In the testimonies and accounts of spiritual explanations for suicide and its repercussions, the personal ramifications for believing a loved one "left too early" or "it was just too much for them" is different from knowing that what transpired for my father was, in some ways, an existential moment in recognition of my freedom to move forward and the responsibility and importance associated with being granted that freedom.

If you have been affected by the loss of a loved one to suicide, just know every person, situation, and circumstance is unique. While some spirits become overwhelmed and exit too early in this lifetime, others do so for the sake and greater purpose of all. In other words, we owe it to ourselves and the world (and the Universe around us) to forgive ourselves and let go of the past because we have a purpose, we have lessons to learn, and we have to continue on our path in love and in light with the knowing that everything happens for a reason. And, most of all, we are never alone on this journey.

Please share this with those who might find comfort and inspiration in these words.



Kate W
Kate W

Thank you for this! The dream I had in the aftermath of my favorite adult's suicide when I was 9 makes so much more sense now.


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