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LIGHT - A poem

Updated: Oct 3, 2022

Life paths and soul paths converge. Hidden knowledge is recovered and reborn.

The creative, the imaginary, the intuitive, the quantum.

Ancient philosophy resurrected. Wisdom rendered anew.

Myths become history. Lives are woven into a tapestry and recorded and borrowed.

We are remembering. They want us. To remember.

Mythology as history. Legends become Fact. Mysteries unravel. The child, a mystic.

Time is no longer.

The infinite energy.

It guides and loves. It heals.

It is that oneness that has always, is, and will always be with us, between us, within us.

It is US.

Playwrights and the storytellers. The audience and the actors.

The Stage and the curtain. The darkness and the LIGHT.

I am you. You are me.

We are. Oneness.

This is the moment for you to start your journey,

Jason is here to assist you, guide you, help you.

You will remember, explore, heal. You will reclaim. You will discover your LIGHT.


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