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The Time is Upon Us to Bloom: Important Message From Source - December 30, 2021

Updated: Jan 1, 2023

Before the New Year 2022, I had a session with a client and created the following post on one of the social media accounts for LIGHT. It wasn't until that post was "loved" by the "QHHT® Official" account on the same platform this morning that I realized how much more relevant it is with the current upheaval in Eastern Europe and effects felt around the Earth.

I tend to avoid politics and the media due to my nature and awareness of how they function globally. However, I feel compelled to share this on the blog to spread the message of hope and love that came forth during the session.


December 30, 2021

While I do not commonly share what the Higher Self communicates with clients in sessions, I found a sense or feeling of urgency in the overall message I witnessed yesterday. Always, these messages are universal and could apply to any one of us. And, the Higher Self, in my experience, sends clients who carry lessons, knowledge, and wisdom that hold value in my own life, challenges, and purpose.

The client with whom I worked is the embodiment of positivity and Love. She incarnated into a loveless, physically abusive, and emotionally stagnant family to teach them, particularly her mother, how to love.

Throughout her life, she has been called "annoyingly positive," the "black sheep," and felt she has never truly fit in anywhere or fully connected with another human being. At times, she has felt "small," and her drive to teach and share her light and unconditional love has been met with disdain and utter rejection.

Her Higher Self unsurprisingly encouraged her to trust herself and her mission in this lifetime. In the multiplicity of times, she felt she had not made a difference in others' lives or their understanding of what it means to Love; she has always done so. And, in those times, people may have resisted or failed to recognize her light and her gifts; it is their choice to remain closed within a frequency and vibration that is quickly becoming uninhabitable for those who see the promise of the New Earth.

Yet, the urgency and need to remain headfast and strong at this time was loud and clear, not only for this client, but for me and all of us who share in the dawn of a new awakening and remembering of all that was, is, and will be. Those who live with and are forever seeking to unfold, share, and explore the limitlessness of pure Love and Light.

The Higher Self urges us not to falter in our mission and purpose, even in the current times of hatred, complacency, and confusion. They cautioned that there would be a massive transition and transformation, where there would be many deaths, but it is for the good of us all, the planet, and all that is. The changes within each of us are felt and manifested in the All.

The HS said, "Keep planting those seeds of light. Keep spreading Love. It is time. It is time. It is so time for all of humanity to wake up and to BLOOM!"

With Fortitude, Hope, Love, & Light🙏🥰☀️🌟



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