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Understanding the Quantum: Background & Intro

Updated: Jan 1, 2023

This post is the first in a series I will be writing over the coming weeks. I aim to explore various areas of philosophy, science, mysticism, and history alongside "the quantum nature of everything" (what I've resolved to call "the Quantum") in an approachable and understandable way.

My journey with "alternative" understandings of the universe and reality started during my early 20's. I planned to major in art and communications in college, but my first elective course in philosophy unexpectedly transformed my life. I started studying all forms of philosophical and spiritual thought. This new direction confirmed the inner voice that always told me not everything is as it seems. Ancient and modern philosophers explored everything I had secretly wondered, thought, and questioned about our existence and place in the universe. To realize I was not alone, and my instincts had greater value was truly exhilarating, and the more I learned, the thirstier I became.

The Death of Socrates
The famous work by the French painter Jacques-Louis David, depicting Socrates after being sentenced and ready for death by drinking poisonous hemlock.

I redirected my career and life plan. Many people in my life questioned my decision, and while I did not know for what I would use a degree in philosophy, it just felt right for me. I soon discovered that most people tend to run away from challenging widely accepted belief (and scientific) systems; I found it exciting and liberating.

I wanted to know as much as possible, and I still do.

The possibilities associated with multiple dimensions, time travel, and other worlds and realities did and still enthrall me. Honestly, it does seem strange yet unsurprising that I am writing about it all right now. Just like becoming a QHHT® Practitioner, writing about all I have learned in a way that is easy to understand has been haunting me. I just needed a purpose and platform to give my words a home. This seems like the perfect place to start.

Why care about "the Quantum?"

I am assuming that because you are on my website and exploring the idea of having a QHHT® session (and reading this blog article), it would benefit you to know more about how Dolores' technique and the practice do align with other modes of thought, research, and dare I say, science.

Knowing more about the Quantum is by no means a requirement for a session; however, most of us have been trained to think scientifically and reject being led by our hearts, intuition, and things we cannot fully understand. I want ​to ​confront this long-held belief system that tends to dismiss anything that is not based on scientific fact as not real, a hoax, hocus pocus, a stage show, the work of the devil, or an idea that cannot and should not be trusted.

I mean to speak to both the logical​/​reasoning and creative parts of your mind that may conflict with one another but really should not be. Over the following weeks, we'll bridge the chasm between "modern" science and ancient wisdom, mysticism, and childlike wonderment. And hopefully, these articles will help you to open not only your mind but, most importantly, your heart to all that has been, is, and will be.

What's in a Name?

For those of you who are new to my website and/or the world of QHHT®, or the Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique®, it is an innovative and powerful form of hypnosis that allows you to access past/present/future lives, tap into your Higher Self/Source Energy, and heal chronic pain, illness, and disease instantaneously. Anything is possible with the practice, and the results can be truly extraordinary.

Dolores Cannon, Master Hypnotherapist and Creator of QHHT®
Dolores Cannon, Master Hypnotherapist and Creator of QHHT®

Dolores Cannon developed QHHT®​ throughout her 45-year career as a hypnotherapist, researcher, writer, explorer, and "a reporter" of lost and hidden knowledge.

Dolores' technique did not initially include Quantum, as her early work focused more on reincarnation and past life regression. However, as she was taught through Source, she acquired more information about the nature of the universe, existence, and being. In conjunction with the limitless possibilities associated with hypnosis and healing, Dolores eventually needed to find a name for the technique that could account for her practice's complex and fantastic evolution (or revolution).

While I do not know the whole story and rationale behind the inclusion of Quantum, if you listen to, watch her lectures, or read her later books, you will see that she and Julia, her daughter, were guided in the renaming process by some form of Source Energy. And, with the rapid evolution of the modern sciences and technology over the past decade or so, the line between the hard, evidence-based sciences and the so-called "pseudoscience," including metaphysics, psychic research, unexplainable phenomena, the paranormal, extraterrestrials, and, yes, even hypnosis, are disappearing.

Discoveries with modern quantum research confirm what ancient mystery schools and philosophers knew and explored centuries ago. The scientists today are ​just ​not aware of that fact. And those experts who claim to know ​what ​science ​is ​and what is not are much like those who condemned Socrates to death for unintentionally disrupting the government power structure and conventional belief systems. They find it unsettling and threatening to question science, yet the definition of science has completely transformed as we continue to move into the quantum era.

Evidence has been confirming infinite possibilities dependent on our thoughts and consciousness, so you could also say the Quantum is highly relevant and a symbolic term for how our views of ourselves, the world, and the totality of the universe are dramatically last.

Not everything is explainable in the ways that it once was, yet the quantum nature of everything allows us to understand everything more than ever before.

Thank you for reading. More articles in this series will soon follow. Be sure to subscribe below to be the first to know about new posts!

Love & Light,



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