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How to Think About the Higher Self

It is important to stop for a moment, and better explain and understand the nature of the Higher Self. Some people are open to this concept, but you may have conflicting thoughts and feelings that are leaving you confused, skeptical, or even possibly fearful. This should not be the case.


Another way to think of the Higher Self is how we more commonly think of what it means to have intuition or a gut feeling about a situation, choice, something, or someone. If you consider it in this way, the Higher Self will not be as mysterious or impossible to understand as you once thought.


Whether you listen to "your gut"  is completely your choice, a matter of using your free will, but what about the times you have knowingly gone against your instincts, and afterward, you look back and know it was not the best decision. You may have said, "I knew I shouldn't have done that" or "I knew something bad was going to happen, but I did it anyway." These are the moments when your intuition, your Higher Self, was trying to help you or warn you, but instead, you chose another path.


The truth is the Higher Self is always with each of us, loves us, wants to help us, and speaks through us, but it is often ignored and rarely acknowledged.


We have all experienced flashes of clarity where seemingly random thoughts, ideas, and words come to us out of nowhere, but they make sense. They feel right. We say, "Why didn't I think of this before?" "Don't ask me where I got the idea. It just came to me." This is your Higher Self communicating with you and through you. 

Anything is possible with the Higher Self, and it is truly remarkable. The moment when I communicated with the Higher Self of my very first client (who did not believe in the possibilities of QHHT® or past lives) was the moment that any doubts I still held disappeared.

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