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We will be working directly with your body in your session. No matter how far away our meeting may be, start right away and frequently express gratitude for all it does for you (yes, it will hear you!) and acknowledge your willingness to listen and communicate with it openly. 


We will be working with your spirit guides and your Higher Self.  Express gratitude for their support and guidance and acknowledge you are ready to connect, listen, and communicate with them. They are always there and love you unconditionally.


The night before our meeting, try your best to avoid unhealthy foods, drink plenty of water, and get a good night's sleep. Imagine these steps are clearing out any toxins and energetic blocks in your body that may have kept you from listening to it in the past. What we eat and drink and the amount of sleep we get determine how well our body will respond to us and vice versa. 

Additionally, I would recommend avoiding alcohol and recreational drugs, as these will increase stress on the body and cloud your ability to open up fully during our session. Take prescription drugs as you normally would.


If you typically drink caffeinated drinks in the morning or throughout the day, try to avoid doing so right before your session. It is crucial for you to feel relaxed and not anxious or overstimulated.

Continue to drink plenty of water and eat well.


Please reserve the use of alcohol or recreational drugs until after we meet. Again, these substances will cloud your ability to communicate with your body and vice versa. Take medications as prescribed.


Set aside about 30-60 minutes before our appointment time for yourself to meditate (if you do so) or do something creative, listen to some music, take a walk, spend some time outdoors, or whatever gets you away from your reasoning, logical self, and into the more visual, sensory side of your being.


Come with an open heart and mind and express your gratitude for your body, guides, and Higher Self aloud a couple of times before we meet. It will help set your intention and let them know you are ready to listen and heal.


Anything and everything you say or that is revealed in our meeting is strictly private and confidential. This session will be an open, safe, and non-judgmental space where you can fully express yourself without fear, tap into your infinite potential, and regain ownership of the powerful, spiritual being that you are! 

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