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When you book a QHHT® session, taking the time to think deeply about what you want to learn and receive from your higher self is crucial to getting the most from your experience. The act of question-writing also has a purpose:


  1. The process helps to set your intention for your session.

  2. The energy you put into these preparations will be equivalent to what you are given in return.

  3. Your questions will help your higher self to better determine what you will see, experience, and learn from the experience, even though they are aware of your questions before you write them down.


As you develop your questions, one list should focus on this lifetime, guidance, and ways to better understand your path and purpose. The second should focus on health-related issues and concerns.

The following lists are meant only to help you think about the types of questions to ask and how to get the most from your session. Do not limit yourself to what you see below. It is crucial you consider what guidance and knowledge matters most to you at this time in your life. 


What is my purpose?

How can I grow spiritually?

What fears have been holding me back?

How do I overcome my feelings of hurt and anger about _____?

How can I develop abundance in my life?

How can I be more aware of who I truly am?

What messages do I carry that I can share with the world?

What ways can I nurture my personal growth and expression?

How can I be more confident in the decisions I make?

What childhood experiences must I now remember or release?

What are some of the greatest lessons this lifetime must teach me?

How can I make a difference with something I have that others need?

What aspects of myself require exploration, acceptance, and healing?

What beliefs must I release?

What can life look like for me when I fully engage in my personal power?

Is my career good for me, and should I seek something else?

What challenges in life have helped to bring out the best in me, and how?

What thoughts and inspiration have I had that require deeper focus and action?

Why have I resisted aligning to my highest potential, and how can I overcome this?


How can I feel safe during these times?

How do I shift my response to past trauma?

How can I best enjoy my sexuality at this time?

What is the deeper meaning behind me feeling tired or fatigued?

What is most needed for the wellbeing of my mother, father, son, etc.?

In what ways has my body been communicating with me?

What’s the cause behind the pain or discomfort in my _____? 

What other areas of my body require my greater care and healing?

Which of my chakras need more clearing?

What is necessary for my _____ to be completely healed?

How can I bring the feminine and masculine into balance within myself?

What is needed for me to enjoy optimum health and immunity?

In addition to this work, what other healing therapies can I benefit from?


What spiritual ties do I have with my partner?

How can I show greater care for myself and others?

What is my unique role in healing my ancestral or generational lineage?

What does my (family member's) Higher Self need me to know?

What reason, if any, I am or choose to be single?

What does my pet want me to know about them?

How can I best support my loved one in their life’s journey now?

In which ways must I honor my boundaries with others?

How do I go from resentment, regret, or shame to love and healing?

What can I do to contribute to society’s wellbeing, and in turn my own?

What’s the best step which brings me closer to encountering a soul partner?

What is the highest intention that I have in my relationship with my partner?

In what ways can I improve communication and understanding with my parents?

Is there anyone I have yet to forgive?  What can this forgiveness look and feel like?

Which of my ancestors are watching over me? What message do they wish to give?


What is the Soul?

How can I preserve what is sacred to me?

How do I master conscious manifestation?

What is my re-occurring dream a reflection of?

Why do I feel as though I’m just not of this place?

What significant aspect of myself had I lost sight of?

How can I interpret the visions I receive in meditation?

What is the significance of the numbers I see repeatedly?

What agreement had I made that explains a pattern I see?

What potential future mission am I currently preparing for?

What ritual or practice will help me with what I most need in my life right now?

What’s the significance of the unusual birthmark I have on my left thigh?

What have I held in my shadow that needs more of my honest reflection?

What was that strange thing I saw one night when I awoke to look out the window?

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