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What to Expect with QHHT®


Prepare two lists of questions you would like your Higher Self to answer during your session.​​​​ ​Your first list will be physical & health-related questions pertaining only to you.  The second list will be your personal & life-oriented questions.​


You may create a third list of general curiosity or metaphysical questions. However, I cannot guarantee we will have time to cover them. If you have long lists of questions, please put the most important ones at the top of each list.  


My goal is to have every question from your two lists answered by the Higher Self, but we work within a two-hour window when you are under hypnosis.  This may seem like a lengthy period, but within that period, we will go through the induction, explore past lives/other experiences, access your Higher Self to answer your questions, and bring you out of trance.


Please print (or neatly write) your questions and bring them with you.  We need a physical copy to go over together.  If your handwriting is difficult to read, please type it out. Also, please do not bring your questions electronically or send them to me via email. 


Your questions will determine the session's outcome, so take the time to think about them over several days. They must be clear and precise. 


The Higher Self has stressed how crucial a client's questions are to the success of a session:


​We want you to think of your Higher Self as though you are going to a library or doing a search on Google.  If you don't know what you want to know, you will not find the book or search results you need.  You cannot simply go into a library or sit in front of a computer and say, 'Tell me what I need to know.' We cannot give you a meaningful answer if you do not ask a specific question.

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